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Information about 9 carat gold

All jewellery by Beloro Jewels is made of 9 carat gold. The 9 carat jewellery for ladies each have a stylish and unique design. Stylish jewellery with a rebellious touch, that's what the jewellery from Beloro Jewels represents!

Gold jewellery is extremely popular and nowadays people increasingly choose 9 carat gold jewellery! But what does 9 carat really mean? On this page you can read more about the composition of gold and what 9 carat exactly means.

What is carat and what does it tell you about your jewellery?

The term carat is a common term when talking about gold jewellery. But what does it actually mean? Carat indicates how much pure gold is processed in a golden piece of jewellery.

The height of the carat indicates how much pure gold the piece of jewellery contains. This is indicated in percentages. The remaining percentage of the jewellery consists of other metals, often copper or silver. Gold jewellery is never made entirely of pure gold because pure gold is too soft and vulnerable. By adding other materials the jewellery can be worked better.

Jewellery of 9 carat gold

Of course, a high carat content sounds very positive, but that is not entirely true. First of all, a high carat content is something that will increase the price of a piece of jewellery. In addition, jewellery made of, for example, 18 or 24 carats is a lot softer and more vulnerable, which means it will scratch more easily or can even bend. 

The jewellery of Beloro Jewels is made of 9 carat gold. 9 carat contains 33.75% pure gold, marked with the 375 hallmark. 9 carat gold jewellery is the perfect intermediate step from silver jewellery to gold jewellery!

The advantages of 9 carat gold jewellery

Now you know more about the composition of carats but what exactly is the advantage of 9 carat gold jewellery? 9 carat gold jewellery contain other materials making them very strong and less likely to scratch and wear than jewellery of a higher carat content. In addition, 9 carat jewellery is perfect to complete your jewellery collection without draining your bank account. The lower carat content makes them a lot more affordable!

Maintenance of 9 carat gold jewellery

Because 9 carat gold jewellery contains less pure gold and is mixed with other metals, it is less vulnerable and wears less quickly. Yet it is important that you maintain your jewellery well so they always look radiant!

With a jewellery polishing cloth you can polish your 9 carat gold jewellery easily and quickly making it sparkle again. We also have some other tips to keep your jewellery beautiful as long as possible:

  • Put on your daily care, perfume and make-up before wearing your 9 carat gold jewellery.
  • Sleep without your jewellery. In this way, the skin's own acidity cannot affect the material.
  • Don't swim, sport or shower with your gold jewellery.
  • In case of heavy physical work, it is best to take off your jewellery temporarily.
  • Finally, use a jewellery box to keep your jewellery neat and organised.

9 carat gold jewellery from Beloro Jewels

At Beloro Jewels you will find a beautiful and appropriate piece of jewellery for every confident woman. Young, feminine and a tad rebellious. That's how to best describe the 9 carat gold jewellery of Beloro Jewels. Discover the collection and get inspired! 

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